Dog show in Šiauliai

Dog show, Šiauliai (Lithuania) 2019-10-05/06 Tango Šaltinis – 2xCAC, N, BOB Rocheby Osprey – 2xCAC, 2xN, BOS, BOB Lily Šaltinis – 2xCAC, N, BOS

We are expecting yellow puppies in the end of October!

We are planning to have puppies in the end of October! Parents: Chenard Walcker For Sarracenia von Osten Herz and Rocheby Silver Heather. Puppies will have first grafts, pedigree documents and microchips. If you want to reserve a puppy, please write (…
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Achievements in IDS Palanga Compensa Cup

International dog show Compensa Cup, Palanga (Lithuania) 2019-09-28 judge:  Roxana Liliana Birk Tango Šaltinis –  CAC, N, CACIB, BOS Rocheby Osprey – CAC

Rocheby Osprey – inter champion!

International dog show, Parnu (Estonia) 2019-07-06/07 Rocheby Osprey – N, CAC, CACIB, BOS and INTER CH Tango Šaltinis – 2xRCACIB

Great success in Molėtai

International dog show, Molėtai (Lithuania) 2019-05-25 judges: Zeferino Jose, Cardoso Silva Rocheby Osprey – CAC, N, CACIB, BOS, Cruft’s qualification’20 Tango Šaltinis – CAC, RCACIB

International dog show in Germany!

International dog show, Chemnitz (Germany) 2019-04-13 judge: Gerda Kastli Rocheby Osprey – RCAC, RCACIB, 1pl Tango Šaltinis – 1pl

Great success in Šiauliai

National dog show, Šiauliai (Lithuania), 2019-04-6,7 judges: Mikhail Kremnev, Pavlo Karpov Tango Šaltinis – 2xCAC, 2xBOB, BIG-2, BIG-1 Labas Su Royal Grace – BEST BABY-4, BEST BABY-1 Rocheby Osprey – 2xCAC, BOS

International dog show in Vilnius

International dog show, Vilnius (Lithuania) 2019-03-08,09,10 judges: Torbjorn Skaar, Dina Korna, Maja Bubalo Tango Šaltinis (16 months) – 3xCAC, 1xCACIB,1xRCACIB, BOS Rocheby Osprey (26 months) – 1xCAC, 1xRCACIB